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The Australian Vintage Radio Society (AVRS) is able to assist members with the supply of valves - (tested OK some NOS) plus many other components for the repair and restoration of vintage radios. 

The valve bank contains most valves that the ardent collector and repairer might need.  If it is not in stock then we may be able to suggest a possible source - even our AVRS members may be able to provide that elusive valve without exorbitant prices or overseas shipping charges.

A full range of high voltage axial leaded electrolytic and polyester capacitors, also mica types in popular values.

Other components include:

  • resistors and potentiometers
  • speaker grille fabrics
  • cotton covered hook up wire and period style mains cable
  • a range of period style knobs (recycled)
  • copies of circuits of vintage radios 

Many of these items are available  from stock at our monthly meetings.  Other components can be delivered to the meeting by prior arrangement with our Parts Officer.  All components will otherwise be posted by AustPost.

NOTE :  This Parts Service is only available to AVRS members.   So if you are serious in your radio projects then maybe the AVRS can make your restoration project proceed without the frustration of hunting for that missing or failed part.  So join up and access the resources and collective wisdom of AVRS members. 

Download the membership application form here