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Images of Antique Radios:

Phil's Old Radios

Steve's Antique Technology

Phil Storr's Page

Atwater-Kent Radios

Classic Radio Gallery

Johns Radios

RadioMuseum (Pics and circuits)



Antique Radio Grill Cloth

Collectable Radio & Electronic Equipment

The Philco Repair Bench

Vintage Radio - Brad Leet, NSW

Vintage Ham Radio

Radio Bygones

Antique Radio Classified

Vintage Radio and Electronics Classifieds

Tube Bazar

Just Radios

Matilo (Antique telephones and case repair) 


Valve Data - Sylvania Technical Manual 1943

Valve Data - Sylvania Technical Manual 1951

Mullard Valve Data

RCA, R-10 Tube Data Manual

Coil Winding Wire Data (AVRS)

Excellent valve data site

Dating an Australian Radio

All about circuits (semiconductors)

Clubs & Societies:

AWA/OTB - Antique Wireless Association

Antique Radio Club

BVWS - British Vintage Wireless Society

CVRS - Canadian Vintage Radio Society

HRSA - Historic Radio Society of Australia

MAARC -Mid Atlantic Antique Radio Club

Michigan Antique Radio Club (SCARS)

Nederlands Historical Radio Society

NORSK – Norwegian Historical Radio Society

NZVRS – New Zealand Vintage Radio Society (Inc)


Wisconsin Antique Radio Club Inc.

Vintage Radio